“I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits.” –Dr. Martin Luther King

Tiny steps forward, a little more effort than before and progress, even when you’re scared, creates epic change in the world!


Michael is a 12 year old baker, business owner, social entrepreneur and food justice advocate. Michael has been baking since he was 9 years old but has been interested in the challenges of inequality since he learned about the historic March on Washington at age 6. Michael comes from a home of educators and advocates and began to ask questions early on about the challenges of inequity. Inspired by a pair of TOMS shoes he received as a present, Michael decided that he would begin a baking business with a 1-for1 model. From the beginning of Michael’s Desserts, he has donated a dessert to someone in need for every one dessert that he sells.¬† With this model Michael has served hundreds of people.

Michael appeared with 11 of the best kid bakers in the country, in season 4 of Kids Baking Championship on Food Network and has been featured in the Capital Gazette, WUSA9 news, CBS news and PGCTV news.


From the first day of his business Michael has given away a cupcake to those in need of a sweet treat every time there is a sale.

“The 1-for-1 business model is our way of feeding kids and adults who may not get a sweet treat. When parents fall on hard times the extra things that used to happen regularly, like the movies or homemade dessert, sometimes stop. I wanted to give kids a sweet treat and feed those who might be having a difficult time.”

Michael also raises money for No Kid Hungry, a national non-profit that’s working to end child hood hunger.



Michael is the newest member of the Kashi Crew. A crew of kids who worked hand in hand with Kashi to create a new line of cereals and snack bites called Kashi by Kids

Generation NKH

Michael is a partner with No Kid Hungry and Generation NKH to help fundraise to end hunger. He also helps to mobilize other youth to take up the cause and end hunger in his generation.

Bowie Baysox MiLB

Bowie Baysox is a partner with Michael in helping to end hunger through packages that feature Michael’s Desserts and having Michael at events they host.






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